Who we are & what we are trying to do

We are a whole variety of disciples learning to live the way of Jesus, for Jesus, in our everyday contexts and within a worship community of fellow disciples. Our context is Wigan, the town and its neighbourhoods: urban and rural, struggling and flourishing. Our focus is on loving the people of Wigan!

Our strap-line for the Transforming Wigan movement has been ‘reviving the spiritual heart of Wigan’ and this is our key aim.  This desire has captured the hearts and minds of all the organisations in Wigan who also want to see a renewed, flourishing town and borough and we are partnering well with the Council, education, health and social services as well as our Christian sisters and brothers across the ecumenical spectrum.

We are concerned for every age and stage of life – and this is reflected in both our refreshing and fresh planting initiatives.


We are getting used to calling our groups ‘Worship Communities’ rather than ‘Churches’ but we find it quite hard as most of us love our traditional services in our much-loved buildings. But we now have the whole breadth of traditions encapsulated in our worship culture and we appreciate every style and expression.  

Every Hub has new Worship Communities emerging or established alongside their traditional ones. Hubs are also developing a more familial culture and finding ways to connect and celebrate together. 

Church Wigan holds a monthly gathering called ‘The Well’ which gives the opportunity for all of us to come together to worship and pray and to encourage one another with the growing number of stories of God at work among us as we keep on keeping on.