Two and half thousand years ago God promised to make a dry land burst into life and colour as his people returned from exile, back to the blessing he intended for them.

We believe God is promising such a time of recovery for Wigan as well. We believe our communities will bloom spiritually and culturally as the Church renews its rich heritage of sharing God’s love.


We believe God has spoken directly to us about ‘wells’, places where thirsty souls and communities can be refreshed and transformed by the life-giving water of the Holy Spirit.

Led by the Spirit we are to unstop old ‘wells’ that have become dry and uncover many new ones. As we do so the Holy Spirit will flow like water to bring blessing to the people and places of Wigan. And so the land will bloom.

‘Through Jesus: transformed people and transformed places.’

We created a short film series to re-present our vision in September 2021.

In this YouTube playlist Neil Cook unpacks our vision over four short films.

You can read more about our vision in our Headlines magazine we created to accompany the video series.