Welcome to Church Wigan

‘The parched land will be glad; the wilderness will rejoice and blossom.’

Isaiah 35:1 (NIV)

Two and half thousand years ago God promised to make a dry land burst into life and colour as his people returned from exile, back to the blessing he intended for them.

We believe God is promising such a time of recovery for Wigan as well. We believe our communities will bloom spiritually and culturally as the Church renews its rich heritage of sharing God’s love.

In Church Wigan we want to do everything we can to enable every member to be refreshed in their faith, to grow as a disciple of Jesus, and with a glad heart and beaming smile to share the blessing with others. Therefore our motto for 2022 will be simply ‘Drink from the well.’

Lifted is seeking justice, meeting a need, lifting people into a place of blessing, and serving together.

We gather on the first Sunday each month at 7pm for ‘The Well’, a spacious place where all can drink deeply of God’s presence through worship, teaching and prayer.

We stream live to Facebook and gather in person at St Mark’s Church, Victoria Street, Newtown, Wigan, WN5 9BN.

A YouTube playlist of previous gatherings of ‘The Well’.