West Hub

West Hub brings together the mission and worship that goes on within the bounds of three large parishes which are committed to working together in order to be a “bigger church making a bigger difference.”

Comprising the former parishes of St James with St Thomas Wigan, St Paul Goose Green and St Matthew Highfield, West Hub serves an area of diverse demographics. The geography of the Hub stretches out from the town centre and covers a significant part of the West and South West areas of Wigan. It includes some of the most deprived communities in England as well as suburban private housing estates, trading estates and the fashionable development at Wigan Pier. It is an exciting and challenging place to proclaim the gospel.

The social diversity of West Hub is matched by its interesting mix of worship communities. We celebrate the fact that our three traditional parish churches have different churchmanship and we want each one to grow and flourish according to its own unique character: St James with Thomas has an easy-going Anglo Catholic tradition, St Matthew’s is more central with a love of the Prayer Book, and St Paul’s is firmly evangelical. Yet each one is committed to growing leaders and reaching out to their local communities, and undertakes regular Pyramid Reviews to identify mission opportunities and deepen its ability to form disciples of Christ. Local missional leadership is well established, with six already commissioned and in post.  

West Hub also embraces the Church Wigan vision of multiplying worship communities, especially in places or amongst groups that might be regarded as marginalised and deprived. For example, our Lifelines worship community serving people living with dementia and their carers has grown, spawning a dementia-friendly community choir and winning the recognition of Wigan Council. Lighthouse is building Christ-centred community amongst people of all ages on the deprived Worsley Mesnes estate, and the recently launched Bravo Bites creates a space where people living with complex social needs can explore faith in Christ.

West Hub has many schools, and these are proving fruitful places to plant new worship communities. Wellspring, a collaboration with a local church school, gathers parents, carers and children from the local area who wouldn’t otherwise dream of stepping inside a church yet are discovering what it means to follow Jesus. We are working with school leadership to plant similar worship communities in other schools too. 

Part of resourcing mission-ministry is developing the beauty and usefulness of our building stock, which includes churches and parish halls. St James Centre has already been developed, stimulating new ministry such as a growing food club and family nurture group, and there are plans to significantly upgrade St Paul’s and St Matthew’s in order to create more opportunities to grow worship community.

So clearly there is much to celebrate! However, the journey to becoming a bigger church making a bigger difference has only just begun.

We currently have vacancies for Hub Leader and Associate Hub Leader (both roles designated to be licensed as a Team Vicar in the Benefice of Wigan).

Click on the links to download a PDF Job Profile.

Church Wigan HL West Hub

Church Wigan AHL West Hub

The Employment Equality (Religion and Belief) Regulations, Section 7.2 applies to these posts.

This post will require an enhanced check from the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS), together with a check of the barred lists. These will be renewed at least every five years.