“My house will be called

a house of prayer

for all the peoples.”

Isaiah 56:7

In 2016 the first Order of Prayer for Wigan commissioned 24 people to lift up the people of the borough each day before God, asking for transformation in every one of our communities. Why did this happen? Because over many years people in different churches had heard God’s call to the people of Wigan to return to the Lord and to know anew that the Lord is gracious and his covenant with his people is everlasting.

At the beginning of a new decade, we are inviting all the people of Wigan to become members of the ‘House of Prayer for Wigan’.

Prayer is the heart of the Church’s life as God’s Spirit works in us and Christ enables us to draw close to the heart of the Father.  Prayer is simple but challenging because when we pray we invite God to change us.  It is something that God does in us.

If you are seeking greater intimacy with God then the invitation to become part of the House of Prayer is for you.

There are different aspects of the Church’s offering of prayer and praise to God, which can be likened to the rooms in a house.  The work of lifting up our borough remains central in prayers of ‘intercession’.  There are meetings of the pastors and leaders of the Church praying together each week; there are groups exploring the prophetic ministry, waiting on the Lord to speak to the Church and people of Wigan; there are those who gather each day in public to read God’s Word as a witness of God’s faithfulness, in season and out of season, through rich times and times of testing; and, there are other regular, occasional and special prayer events arranged at key times in various places in the borough.

On becoming a member of the House of Prayer for Wigan you will receive regular invitations to help you grow in your personal discipleship, and to find your place within the praying life of God’s people in our town. You will receive:

  • a daily call to pray for a particular situation in Wigan
  • a monthly invitation to join with others in prayer
  • invitations to go on pilgrimage
  • the offer of training in prayer
  • organised quiet days and times of retreat
  • opportunities to explore God’s calling

We would love you to be a member of the House of Prayer for Wigan.

For this we need your consent to contact you. Please fill in the contact details you want us to use to communicate with you: