We are engaged in a consultation to form the deanery into one ‘Church Wigan’ – a single team ministry benefice with seven parish-hubs. This brings together a collection of our 29 current parishes into one of the seven Hubs to provide a more robust and effective unit of mission and ministry enabling both the traditional and new forms of church to flourish and thrive.  We are forming Hub Leadership Teams to develop the plans in the Hubs.  

Each Hub will become a new Parish, led by two stipendiary clergy — Hub Leader and Associate Hub Leader — with many lay and ordained leaders working together in local teams to refresh current Worship Communities and plant many new ones. The seven Hub Leaders (Team Vicars) join together with the Church Wigan Leader (Team Rector) in the core leadership team known as ‘The Church Wigan Leadership Team.’ Together, they oversee and lead the change and ongoing growth of Church Wigan.

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