Waiting for the Spirit – Thursday 21st May: Acts 21.1-26

Thursday 21st May

Acts 21.1-26

Decisions can be really hard to make, and I’m not talking about what clothes we should wear in the morning. For some of us, at the moment, it might be shall I get out of my pyjamas or not.

Maybe you don’t feel you have many hard decisions to make at this point in time, but for others of you this period might be giving you pause to thought about your lives, and how you are living them and potential changes to make.

The trouble with making decisions is that we can end up listening to lots of different voices, well- meaning ones at that, which can make us very confused about the right thing to do.

Today in this reading from Acts we hear how a man called Agabus who comes from Jerusalem, ties himself up with Paul’s belt and announces that the Judaeans will do this to the man whose belt it is. Now Paul would have understood this kind of prophecy, and he wouldn’t have been surprised that his Christian family warned him that he shouldn’t go to Jerusalem.

Interestingly, Luke, the writer of Acts, is quite happy to tell us that these warnings were given in the spirit, without telling us how he reconciles that with the fact that Paul is clear that it his vocation to go. Sometimes, it seems the Spirit gives people enough information to know what is likely to await them, but leaves them with the responsibility of deciding whether or not to go anyway.

Paul believed he had to go. As we know this choice Paul made didn’t lead to an easy life, but Jesus never promised us one of them.

I wonder if you are needing to make any decisions at the moment? As I said they are not always easy to make and sometimes others around us don’t agree with us, and although it’s important to listen to the wisdom of others, sometimes we just to have to trust and do what we believe is right, otherwise we can end up making no real decisions at all.

Many people are making tough calls at the moment, leaders of our nation, leaders of the Church. We may not agree with them all, but let’s hold them in prayer and pray that they will do their utmost for the good of all.

Right, now it’s time to get of those pyjamas!

Reflection by Sam Nicholson