Waiting for the Spirit – Friday 17th April: Acts 3

Friday 17th April

Acts 3

When I read this passage in Acts 3, about the beggar who was healed, I’ve often wondered what he felt on waking up the next day. That first day, after he was he was healed by Peter, was full of joy and enthusiasm at the power of Jesus which had healed him, and we are told that ‘Then he went with them into the temple courts, walking and jumping, and praising God.’

But what happened on next day when he woke up and the euphoria of healing had gone and he realised that his income had gone and his life was now very different to what he knew before? Did he wonder what his life was going to be like now? Did he get tired of explaining what had happened to him?

Maybe he got complacent about his healing and got caught up in a new life and stopped praising God. Or maybe he went on praising God forever, we just don’t know do we?

But one thing for sure he was never going to be the same again

And how about us as Christians? After everything we have been through in recent times, our life is not going to be the same as it was before but how is it going to be for us afterwards? During lockdown, if social media is anything to go by, we have been praying more, watching more online services. We have been engaging more with church and God in new and different ways. Asking for God’s help to get us through this difficult time

But when we are released, will we stop spending so much time on prayer and worship? Will we get caught up in our new life and stop thanking God and asking for his help? Or will we be able to develop further our relationship with God

Let’s pray that we can continue use our prayer and worship, to carry on praising Jesus and to change his world for the better.

Reflection by Ann Stein