Lent Together Monday 23rd March – Exodus 3:1-22

Monday 23rd March

Exodus 3:1-22

As we are now half way through Lent, we have moved onto how we serve those who are in need  with humility as well as growing a community of all that includes the poor and doesn’t exclude them.

In Exodus 3 God sees & has heard that his people are suffering and wants to do something about the injustice and oppression. He is going to do something good for them and release them from their misery. Moses is to be part of His plan, & even though he doesn’t feel equipped for the job, God equips those who he calls to liberate those caught up in oppression and injustice. How easy it is to say those words and yet how inadequate we feel, just like Moses and many others who have gone before us.

Looking at the world today, it is hard to see what we might do that could possibly make any difference to the millions who are displaced, homeless, oppressed, perhaps we don’t even see how big an issue it is because we are doing something in our little way. Human Trafficking is on the increase, refugees are being told to go home, even people in our own government are saying that white and rich are better than poor and of different races.

God tells us to love everyone, and in our diocese at the moment we are encouraging a bigger church to make a bigger difference. Jesus came to set people free from oppression, to bring sight to the blind, see the lame walk and that is also our calling. To stand up for what is honourable, just, pure, pleasing, commendable as it says in Philippians 4:8, think on these things. Oppression and injustice is the opposite. When we gossip ‘in love’ we are oppressing the other, when we ignore those unlike us we are treating them unjustly, I could go on. Instead I want to encourage everyone to believe that God will equip you when he calls you, to say your yes and to free captives in the name of Jesus Christ our Saviour and Lord.

Reflection by Dot Gosling